Summer Service Hours

TLC offers service hours nearly every Monday during the summer.


The service projects are FREE for all to attend.
Remember, TLC offers 2 for 1 service hours!
​(You receive 2 service hours for every hour worked)
Projects will be mostly outdoors in or near Buddy Attick Park, Greenbelt.
Sample Projects:
Installing fencing to protect trees from beaver damage
Removing creeping ivy from trees
Beautification projects
Park cleanup…you get the idea!

Last year over 40 students have responded!
Nearly 1000 service hours were awarded!
Summer Events begin Monday, June 26.
Students must register online to participate.
Get more info and RSVP HERE

If your parents would like to volunteer, please contact Jeff

Here's a link to an article in the Greenbelt News Review last year (Weed Warriors on Front page & Page 16)

We look forward to serving you.